You Decide…No, You Decide!

Tiffany Williams |

Here I am, beginning the day at IMF’s Satellite Symposium at #ASH19. Our day began with the opening session, “Approaches That Achieve the Best Possible Outcomes in Myeloma Care” at the IMF Satellite Symposium. I walked away being reminded of just how unique and challenging Multiple Myeloma (MM) is. The experts don’t all agree, and there […]

Pandora’s Box of Myeloma Treatment

Yelak Biru |

Over the last two decades, the treatment landscape for multiple myeloma has changed significantly. In the 1990s there were no approved novel therapies for myeloma. Since 2003 there have been over 11 treatments approved for the treatment of myeloma (in the United States). With those approvals, the treatment algorithms have become very complex. After the […]