Take Research Personally

Linda Huguelet |

It was a tremendous honor to attend the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference again this year. The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) was the first organization to ever sponsor patients at this conference. They have always understood how important it is for myeloma patients to be educated about the disease and their treatment options. A […]

The Rocks Stars at the Halls of #ASH19

Sheri Baker |

It is hard to know where to begin in describing this experience at the 61st ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition (ASH). The convention center is a maze of halls, meeting rooms, people, and displays. It is certainly overwhelming, in the vastness and the amount of information and research that is being presented. The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) had a […]

Teresa Miceli on American Society of Hematology background

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Teresa Miceli |

We are well into the flow of the annual ASH meeting. My attendance at ASH19 is as a support group leader (SGL) and as a nurse liaison as a member of the International Myeloma Foundation’s (IMF) Nurse Leadership Board (NLB). Of course, in my blood flows the interests and curiosity of an experienced hematology/BMT nurse. […]

You Decide…No, You Decide!

Tiffany Williams |

Here I am, beginning the day at IMF’s Satellite Symposium at #ASH19. Our day began with the opening session, “Approaches That Achieve the Best Possible Outcomes in Myeloma Care” at the IMF Satellite Symposium. I walked away being reminded of just how unique and challenging Multiple Myeloma (MM) is. The experts don’t all agree, and there […]

Pandora’s Box of Myeloma Treatment

Yelak Biru |

Over the last two decades, the treatment landscape for multiple myeloma has changed significantly. In the 1990s there were no approved novel therapies for myeloma. Since 2003 there have been over 11 treatments approved for the treatment of myeloma (in the United States). With those approvals, the treatment algorithms have become very complex. After the […]

Day 0: Symposium Day

Jack Aiello |

December 6th is actually the day before ASH officially begins, often called “Symposium” day. Today I attended the GMAN meeting and IMF Symposium. GMAN (Global Myeloma Action Network) was established about 6 years ago recognizing that Myeloma is a global disease but different countries face different issues (awareness, education, drug access, expertise) supporting myeloma patients. Our large […]

Valarie Traynham on backdrop of American Society of Hematology

Excited and Grateful

Valarie Traynham |

As a first time #ASH attendee last year I found myself feeling kind of overwhelmed at times.  This did not take away from the wealth of information I took in. Being able to attend as a patient advocate was invaluable. One of my goals last year was to learn as much information about the new […]