“I’m Not Leaving”

Michael Tuohy |

In 2000 when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, I was informed that the life expectancy was 2-3 years. Being only 36 years with a young family, I feared my children (then ages 2 and 7) would not even remember me. Over the years, I’ve had many experiences of living with myeloma: some good, some challenging, but […]

Valarie Traynham on backdrop of American Society of Hematology

Excited and Grateful

Valarie Traynham |

As a first time #ASH attendee last year I found myself feeling kind of overwhelmed at times.  This did not take away from the wealth of information I took in. Being able to attend as a patient advocate was invaluable. One of my goals last year was to learn as much information about the new […]

ASH Is the Most Important Conference for Myeloma Patients and Doctors

Jack Aiello |

There is no other single conference where so much information is presented about myeloma. Information about so many topics is provided:  how to treat MM patients in various stages; results of phase II & III trials which may indicate upcoming FDA approvals; pre-clinical research focusing on myeloma targets and cell understanding; and more. Soon I’ll be […]

Taking a BiTE Out of Myeloma

Michael Tuohy |

I have been a multiple myeloma patient and advocate for 19 years. Time sure flies by! As I reflect back on what treatments were available in 2000 when I was diagnosed, I am eternally grateful for all the progress and interest in multiple myeloma! I’d also like to recognize all the patients that have participated in clinical […]