Linda Huguelet

Diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April 2010 at the young age of 46, Linda Huguelet has been co-leading the Chattanooga Multiple Myeloma Networking group alongside her husband since February 2011. She underwent an autologous stem cell transplant in 2010 and enjoyed almost four years in remission before her first relapse in 2014. She repeated her induction therapy of Revlimid®/Velcade/Dex and returned to a complete remission and continued treatment with Velcade maintenance. In May 2016, her numbers began to climb again and she maintained a VGPR with Empliciti®/Revlimid/Dex for almost 2 years. She is currently responding well to Darzalex®/Pomalyst®/Dex and enjoys only going for treatments on a monthly basis.

Linda has found it important to exercise regularly throughout her myeloma journey. She currently enjoys morning walks, tai chi and water aerobics. Fitness helps her mentally and physically which allows her to continue working full-time. She feels fortunate to be able to work remotely during her infusions.

Excited to learn of the latest developments in myeloma care, Linda will be attending ASH for the seventh time with the IMF. Updates on new combinations with the approved monoclonal antibodies and new emerging conjugated monoclonal antibody treatments will be of interest to Linda at this year’s ASH.

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Take Research Personally

Linda Huguelet |

It was a tremendous honor to attend the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference again this year. The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) was the first organization to ever sponsor patients at this conference. They have always understood how important it is for myeloma patients to be educated about the disease and their treatment options. A […]

How Things Have Changed

Linda Huguelet |

I was diagnosed in 2010, and this is my seventh year to attend the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference. As we are winding up the a last day of the conference, I can’t believe how much progress has been made. I know it’s never fast enough from a patient’s perspective, but nonetheless, the progress […]

Monoclonal Antibodies Take ASH by Storm

Linda Huguelet |

Monoclonal antibodies are becoming the backbone of treatments for relapsed and refractory patients, but they are also making their way into the front-line setting for newly diagnosed patients. The first official day of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Conference was filled presentations, posters, and exhibits touting the effectiveness of this drug class. I would […]

Research = Resilience

Linda Huguelet |

The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) recently asked its support group leaders what provides them with the resilience to meet the challenges of their myeloma journey.  Many said family, friends, and travel.  I definitely get resilience from my husband, family, friends and just being able to do everyday things like gardening and my morning walks. But […]